My name is John. I am a day trader. I created this website in May 2015 as a side activity from my dayjob. I have been trading for around three years. I’ve searched for holy grails, burned a few accounts, and all of that was part of the learning process and I had no problem with it.

Today I have found a few systems that work. Read about the first one here. It is a simple Ichimoku system that has given me good results in the past. I also trade Bitcoin, see my long term Bitcoin strategy here.

This website is meant to give you an insight on my journey to regular profitability, and hopefully you can find a few useful tips and make some pips along the way.

I have nothing to sell and my only goal is to share. This site is also for me a kind of essential discipline, forcing me to stick to my systems and be open and transparent about them, but above all being rigorous.

All the best trading, and enjoy !