Short scalp on GBPUSD

Took a short scalp on GBPUSD 5M chart, classical range trade.




PA : going long GBPUSD

A long signal formed on GBPUSD, bullish pressure show rebound on support area. Stop below previous low.



Stopped out on GBP/USD retrace : -44pips

I got stopped out as my GBP/USD pair retraced above the last fractal level. Loss of 44 pips. Risk level remains very low at max 1% of my account on each trade. Looking back at the signals on my last two trades, maybe the EMA and Kijun slopes were a little weak.

Loss of 44 pips

Retrace of GBPUSD.

Just shorted GBPUSD

Signals have aligned. Price below cloud. Downwoard slope on 21 EMA and Kijun. RSI just rejected the 50 area. Go short, stop at latest fractal.

GBP USD setup

Short trade on GBP USD

GBP trades looking good, trailing my stop to fractal

Both GBP trades are looking good, I’m trailing my stop to the latest fractal on GBP/USD

Ichimoku cloud

Trailing stop on GBP/USD