Brexit is a shock. We need dust to settle

Brexit is a shock. Markets have been in turmoil on Friday and dust has not settled just yet. All charts are still looking very volatile, making any trading move quite difficult. I staid on the sidelines on Friday and it is quite likely things will remain this way for a couple more days.

Loss on USDJPY

We are still in a range, my short trade on USDJPY got stopped out.



No trends or trades currently

There is absolutely no signal on the radar. A little hesitation on GBP/JPY (short) this morning but markets have been so much in a range for the past weeks, best to stand aside and remain patient.

Waiting on the sidelines

Trading activity is extremely low these past few days, since most of all ongoing trends have reversed or are reversing. Most pairs are inthe cloud or retracing; so our system is not giving any clear signal. There is a general trend of uncertainty in the markets, as fundamental drivers are getting blurred. So we remain patient, on the sidelines.

No trading today

NFP = no trading today