195 pip gain on USDCAD

Just closed a nice trade with a 195 pip gain on USDCAD. I had taken a short below resistance, aiming for the demand area below. Risk had been kept at 1% and the outcome is a 4R.

195 pip gain on USDCAD

195 pip gain on USDCAD


Great winning Gold trade +6530 pips

My long trade on Gold exited at Take Profit which was set at three times my risk. Excellent bounce on support area, went straight to profit in 13 days. Profit is 6530 pips. A great winning gold trade.



One winner on USDCAD

Closed the USDCAD scalp with a gain.



123 pips net gain for the day

Today’s three trades were closed with a net profit of 123 pips. The GBP/USD went to a large profit of 158 pips with a very good configuration. I took profit by trailing my stop down very tightly once having passed R3. The other two trades were exited manually due to bad configurations : AUD/USD with -16 pips after a series of wicks indicating meagre downward pressure and NZD/JPY with -19pips for the same reasons.

The rules remain the same, keep risk at a minimum, exit if you feel uncomfortable, and do not let any profit on the table.

A good start to 2016 trading with a winning day providing +2% on my account. Each trade was taken at a risk of around 0.5%. Money management remains as important as the strategy.


AUDUSD H4 (01-12-2016 1925) NZDJPY H4 (01-12-2016 1924) GBPUSD H4 (01-12-2016 1920)

Gain on NZD/USD : +33 pips

I got a good signal on NZD/USD two days ago and went short, but since today was NFP I had trailed my stop to where my position was at, which was a small profit. My initial stop was at the fractal at 0,75279 and it would still hold but the volatility on NFP day made me take that decision. I close the week with a nice positive balance.

See you all Monday.

Short position with simplified Ichimoku

Gain of 33 pips on NZD/USD

Trade on EUR/NZD : +338 pips

This is the first trade I post.

Entered yesterday on an alignment of my conditions.

Uptrend, price above the cloud, moving average and Kijun have a good slope, RSI bounces on 50 and up, I enter with a stop below the fractal and exit after having trailed my stop to R3.

338 pips gain.